Protected Bike Lane in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge’s first protected bike lane. This is on Vassar Street. It should be wider. Nonetheless, I like it a lot!

Yesterday and today, while riding on it, heading towards the river, a man, maybe the same one, was walking in the bike path. I indicated to him that the sidewalk was over there.  He replied with some kind of retort and returned to the bike path after I went by. Maybe, I should start using my air horn when a person has this kind of attitude about walking in the bike path, ignoring the sidewalk beside it.


About Rebecca

I am an out and about type of cyclist. I am a confident, friendly, assertive cyclist here on the streets of Boston where I have been riding bikes since 1973. I love riding my Dutch bicycle bought in Amsterdam in 2008 and my folder bicycle which has accompanied me on trips to Washington DC, New York City, a week-end on my son’s Maryland college campus, a visit to my sister in Saratoga Springs, NewYork, a visit to see my son, now living in Holland, Michigan and twenty days of cycling in the Netherlands. My husband and I are moving to the Netherlands in three years. We look forward to bicycling in the world’s best country for bicycles!
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