Gatherinng Ginkgo Fruit and the Gingko Leaf drop on Naples Road

ginkharvest ginkofruitBicycling home on upper Naples Road on October 23rd, I saw an older Asian woman accompanied by her adult son collecting ginkgo fruit.

The man explained to me in halting English that they gathered the fruit, extracted the nut from the pulp, split open the nut to reach the kernel which then is boiled with sugar and water. He said it was very good for your health and was used in Chinese medicine. Will I gather some ginkgo fruit? I briefly considered doing so until I read these  articles that I found on-line. What a stinky job!! I think I will give it a pass.

Ginkgo outside bakery

Now outside the door of the bakery there is a gingko tree and when the fruit falls to the ground, people waiting in line to go into the bakery, check the bottoms of their shoes to see if they are the source of the smell. Nope, it is the rotting fruit that litters the ground.

Ginkgo Leaf Drop 11:13:13

And here is a photo I took of the Ginkgo tree across the street from our house. Every year the leaves fall in mid November. This year on November 13th, 2013, Paul called me  at 4:15 AM, as he was biking to work down Commonwealth Avenue. “Look out the window,” he said, “All the leaves are dropping off the Ginkgo Tree!” I pulled myself out of bed ten minutes later. By then, all of the leaves had fallen and now lay like a carpet of yellow beneath the tree! They always fall all at once and so quickly!

Post Script: I finally figured out how to do a hyperlink for this blog! I am so happy!


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I am an out and about type of cyclist. I am a confident, friendly, assertive cyclist here on the streets of Boston where I have been riding bikes since 1973. I love riding my Dutch bicycle bought in Amsterdam in 2008 and my folder bicycle which has accompanied me on trips to Washington DC, New York City, a week-end on my son’s Maryland college campus, a visit to my sister in Saratoga Springs, NewYork, a visit to see my son, now living in Holland, Michigan and twenty days of cycling in the Netherlands. My husband and I are moving to the Netherlands in three years. We look forward to bicycling in the world’s best country for bicycles!
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