My evening at Boston Symphony Hall

This evening I rode my bicycle to Boston Symphony Hall  to see the Shen Yun Symphony Shenyun poster   I found out about the Shen Yun Orchestra at the Farmers market three weeks ago.  A video of the orchestra   Orchestra.

was being shown at a table at the Farmer’s Market.  It looked good so I bought one of the cheapest tickets.chair with blue jacket The chair with the blue jacket is where I was sitting. It was a great seat!  I enjoyed the performance immensely and being in Boston Symphony Hall is an incredible experience.Boston Symphony Hallorchestra
free tours








I found out that there are free tours of Symphony Hall which will be something to take an out of town guest to see. There were some interesting concerts coming up.   I really have to take advantage of all the culture here in Boston.

Here is the lit-up vest that I wore riding my bicycle to Symphony Hall. vestlit up vestThe motorists see flashing lights on my back. I really stand out when I wear this! It was so invigorating riding  my bike the three miles in the fresh air there and back.  I saw my friend Ram on his strider bicycle coming home from work while I was on my way to Symphony Hall. I thought about taking the T but I”m glad I chose the bicycle and got to be part of the outdoors riding freely instead of waiting for the trolley and looking down at peoples feet. And I get a seat from the moment I stepped out of Symphony Hall until I pulled up at my door.

I still have some tweaking to do to figure out how to put pictures exactly where I want them. Only a short while ago and I couldn’t even do this.


About Rebecca

I am an out and about type of cyclist. I am a confident, friendly, assertive cyclist here on the streets of Boston where I have been riding bikes since 1973. I love riding my Dutch bicycle bought in Amsterdam in 2008 and my folder bicycle which has accompanied me on trips to Washington DC, New York City, a week-end on my son’s Maryland college campus, a visit to my sister in Saratoga Springs, NewYork, a visit to see my son, now living in Holland, Michigan and twenty days of cycling in the Netherlands. My husband and I are moving to the Netherlands in three years. We look forward to bicycling in the world’s best country for bicycles!
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