Ethel Weiss Turns 99 & The Little Store That Time Forgot!

Ethel WeissEthel Weiss, the proprietor of Irving’s Toy and card Shop,  just  turned 99 years old! The shop is just doors away from the Edward A. Devotion Elementary School (Kindergarten through eighth grade), an easy walk from our house and close to the J.F.Kennedy birthplace.

outside irvingsShe has run the store since 1939. Prior to that, it had been a grocery store.

window at Irvingsyoyos & marbles

Window toysThank youWise shop hours for a 99 year old woman!candy

Interioractivity books

Thankyou letter for party

celebrated in front of store, Saturday, August, 24th. Wise shop hours for a 99 year old woman!

thoughtsthougts signedHow tochildren learn







There are greeting cards in the back of the shop that look just like the cards that I remember from my childhood. The kind that slide into cellophane envelopes.There are things for sale that have been there since I was a child. Honest to God!





Ethel’s own inspirational quotes.


Update – 2014

And others ….


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